Two prayers by STAS TURINA

March 11th

Lord, look each enemy of ours in the eye

Lord, embrace each enemy of ours thoroughly

Lord, tell each enemy of ours what You consider necessary for him to hear

Archangel Michael, give each enemy of ours a blessing of fire and sword

Archangel Michael, give each of us Your unknowable shoulder to lean on

Archangel Michael, see from where our enemy grows

Sear the tail of the enemy’s patron and his face 

Whoever inspires the enemy, let him remove his fingernail from our land

The known and the unknown, let him know Your, Archangel’s, everything

The bell will ring

Truth come true, guilt aggrieve 

So I write mid-night for safety

March 26th

Lord, you gave me the chance and opportunity to return home today

Beyond the doors lies the garden

“Light moves from the house, Christ moves to the house,

Guardian angels, take care of me”

Here, Lord, You are near

Sounds of blasts open the heart 

Lord, You have given us such strength, there is already enough for quarrels and arguments, thank you

Lord, teach us now how to argue well, 

Teach people of good will to keep each other safe from hurtful words

Give eloquence to those who now so need it

Lord, protect us in the silence of the night

Archangels, bare your swords, give your banner, our enemy’s last chance to stop

Let people in danger pass through the danger: stand on the crocodile, with a most open hand turn away the lion and the hippopotamus 

With fire and sword protect us, Lord! 

Do not abandon us in this difficult hour 

All that I have, I put at Your feet, Christ

With choirs I call to the heaven, like Sirin!

translated by Lisa Biletska